Following the shock discontinuation of Google Translate API, the discussion and outrage of developers will dramatically shape and change the face of the API translation market.

Many are speculating that Google will develop and offer a paid version of their Google Translate API and lots of developers are calling on Google to do just this. The Translate API was so popular that many, despite their initial shock and disgust at the decision and lack of explanation, are stating that they would happily pay Google for this service.

Other developers are so annoyed by the lack of transparency on Google’s part that they intend to move away from Google APIs all together.

The main competitor to Google Translate API is bing Translations, powered by Microsoft® Translator.

Microsoft appears to be capitalising on Google’s decision, stating that “Microsoft Translator API is here to stay” just two days after Google announced that they were shutting down their Translate API. Chris Wendt made this statement as a side note while announcing an update to the Microsoft Translator service.

Personally, I am excited to see how this announcement will shape the market in the months to come.


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