Restaurants are frequent offenders of poor translations and hilarious translation errors. Living and working in Innsbruck, Austria, we often see multilingual menus that make us giggle. But while translation errors are funny, sometimes even hilarious, they can have a very serious impact on a restaurant’s success.

Investing in a professional translation of your menus is an important aspect of attracting and driving business. Here’s how a professional translation can help your restaurant.

Attract guests

The restaurant market is highly competitive, especially in a tourist destination like Innsbruck in Austria. Tourists can meander along a bustling street and check out the different menus, food and venues on offer.

When faced with such a huge selection of restaurants, good translations can be the difference between a popular venue and somewhere that tourists walk by sniggering or uninspired.

Influence sales

A well-designed multilingual menu will not only help guests choose the dish that is right for them, but can also sway their choice with tempting descriptions of your preferred dishes.

If you have a house speciality or a dish that is particularly profitable, you can use a savvy translation as a sales tool by making the description particularly mouth watering. Remember that tourists will often never have heard of many of the local dishes. Enticing translations are vital for securing sales.

Secure repeat business

How many times have you looked at a menu and struggled to make a decision? It all sounds so good, doesn’t it?

Poorly translated menus don’t have this effect. When faced with pages of mistranslations and unappetising sounding dishes, guests will often make the boring choice…pizza or frankfurters with chips. While these dishes may be good, they most certainly won’t tempt guests to return to your restaurant.

With appetising translations, you can ensure your guests will think about that Kaiserschmarrn that they didn’t have room for the next time they stroll past your restaurant. Entice your guests to come back to try something else on the menu with accurate and eloquent translations.


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