Maintaining an English online presence is key to remaining competitive in the online market. Why? Because not only do the vast majority of native English speakers only use English online, but English is also the most frequently used second language.

Importance of English translation for online sales in Austria

According to a Eurobarometer Analytical report published in May 2011, 85% of internet users in the UK and 80% of internet users in Ireland only use their own language to read and watch content online.

In addition, the survey revealed that English is by far the most frequently used second language online and that the majority of users accept using an English version of a website if it is not available in their own language.

Based in Tyrol, Austria, self-promoting and attracting international business doesn’t seem like too much of a challenge. After all, the beautiful Alps, countless ski resorts, bustling towns, rich culture and amazing Austrian hospitality do most of the work, right? Wrong!

It is not enough to rely on Austria’s natural attractions. Tourism is a highly competitive market and independent businesses need to actively promote their product and increase their English online presence to remain in the game.

With ever increasing importance being placed on online sales, independent businesses have an invaluable opportunity to self-promote within the international market. However, before this opportunity becomes reality, we first need to see a change in the amount of English content being generated online.

The Flash Eurobarometer highlighted Austria as being amongst the countries least likely to use English regularly for writing on the internet, as highlighted by the following diagram.

Importance of English translation for online sales in Austria

Generating English content and an online presence can be a challenge for those who are not technically savvy or competent in English. However, there are many possibilities out there for business owners to consider.

The typical collaboration with tour operators is a great short-term strategy. It provides many benefits, such as international marketing, but also comes at a cost. Around 25% of the price of a hotel room to be precise.

As a long-term strategy, I recommend investing in English content, social media and international marketing to help your business expand within the international market, boost international business and ultimately raise profits.


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