Our business English coaching helps groups or individuals develop the English language skills, industry specific vocabulary and intercultural expertise required for successful international communication.

Our process

We provide a relaxed environment where learning occurs through interaction. Conversations are tailored specifically to individual business requirements and designed to motivate and encourage people to speak English confidently in formal and informal business situations.

Our business coaching is centred on guided English conversation and social interaction. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun and relaxed environment where you can practice and improve your business English in real-life situations and with real-life examples.

Business English coaching can take place on-site or in a more relaxed environment of your choice. We offer both regular sessions for sustained English language coaching and one-off sessions to train for specific projects, presentations, interviews, meetings, sales or social events.

Our coaching is tailored specifically to your business needs. We work with you to determine areas of focus, discussion topics, specialist vocabulary, specific language skills, etc. We can also provide intercultural business training to help you recognise and understand intercultural differences, customs and business strategies specific to your target audience.

For inspiration, here are a few examples of discussion topics that we offer:

  • Product pitching, sales and marketing
  • Small talk and informal communication
  • Telephone & conference call techniques for non-native speakers
  • Industry specific vocabulary and implementation
  • Acronyms and their usage
  • Presenting in a second language
  • Negotiation
  • Colloquialisms & specialized language
  • Techniques to avoid miscommunication
  • Intercultural business etiquette – norms and faux pas

Our experience

We have diverse international experience in corporate management, sales, marketing, operations, finance and IT across many industries, including tourism, architecture, real estate, retail, construction, publishing and hi-tech. Over the years, we have lived and worked in many different countries within Europe, Asia and the Americas. Click here to read more about us.

Group coaching sessions

Our group coaching sessions are ideal for improving English language skills across a team, department or business. Whether you want to run through industry specific vocabulary with your team, raise the general level of English in your department, develop intercultural strategies, play English games to build confidence or chat in English over a drink to practice your corporate small talk, our business English coaching can be tailored to meet your needs.

Individual coaching sessions

Individual coaching is one-on-one business English training designed to accelerate language learning for business and maximise your speaking time. Whether you want to improve your business English small talk, learn specialist vocabulary for an international project, prepare for an English interview, improve your comprehension or develop your intercultural expertise, our guided English conversations are tailored specifically to your needs.

Interested? Please contact us for a quote, enquiries or more information.